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A type of sugar and sweetener used in Ardus.   Made dried of Hapil petals that are ground into a fine powder. It's a slight sweetener, that still has its own earthy taste to it.   It is one of the earliest types of sugars made, and as hapil flowers are so plentiful everywhere, is not hard to make. The average person who comes across hapil flowers are able to pull all the color petals off and make a mixture of the different petals with a handmill, but its sold, even at cheap prices, as seperated by the sugars. It's a messy process that many people who only need it for functional recipes rather than aesthetically pleasing dishes.   Different color hapil petals are collected to make different colors of nornflake, and dispite arguements, each color tastes the same. Still, it is a common arguement among children.  
"Once I ate some nornflake from a hapil, and my sneezes were blue for a whole week. From a deep dark blue, to the softed snow blue. Next time I'm going to try green."
  -Odehin A Rafromen, 38GY   It is a known allergen, and people can be afflicted with Hapilhob from ingesting nornflake. Still, it's not as harmful and still widely available to all, so it's still a pantry staple.
"I don't know, I never really used nornflake, I mean I make stew, and work with mushrooms. Who wants a sweet mushroom? When I finally add Applie Petal Pie to my shop, there was sprinkling of nornflake inside and full uncut flowers arranged on top of the lattice crust.

Some days I'd feel a bit dizzy or light headed, I only fainted a couple of times. But I always woke up unharmed more or less. I did have the loveliest dreams of sugary foods. "
-Iralnerd A Rafromen, 29GY


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