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Nascent Nascent means just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.
  When it comes to souls it refers to immortality as by achieving a Nascent soul so can one achieve immortality.
  Nascent Vestige
  An Nascent vestige is similar to the other type of vestiges but the difference being that they do not only contain positive or and negative qi. Instead they are also composed of the essence of a divine origin.
  The exact nature of divine essence differs from different kinds of creatures. Demons and Devils for example are fueled with the essence of the planes they originated from.
  The high elves essence is believed to be from the blood of “Corellon”. With the elfs not referred to as high elves fallen so far in purity that they no longer share the trait of having a “Nascent vestige”.
  The dragons were originally seeded on the material planes by a rain of dragon eggs. That is believed to be the works of Asgorath and the reason Dragons are born with hatched “Nascent vestige”.
  A Nascent Vestige doesn't grow by normal “Will”, “Thoughts” and “Emotion” they need something of greater quality to be nurtured. The exact way this should be done is however debated.
  What is believed is that by a greater comprehension of reality, one can gain a partial amount of energy equal to one's understanding. As such, many elves and dragons spend their life trying to find enlightenment. With both the species going through reincarnation they can spend several to try to evolve.
  While a mortal has a “Nascent vestige” it operates as an “Spiritual vestige”.
  While an immortal has a “Nascent Vestige” it operates as an anchor that can be tied to a location or concept to rebirth the “Nascent Soul“. The creation of liches was in an attempt to copy this function.
  Nascent Soul
  If one has a nascent soul one becomes an outsider even if you were born on the material plane. This is an unnatural state of being for the material plane. Depending on how it was achieved one will be banished to a place in the creation where one has the most affinity towards.
  You will create a connection to something that will become your new “Nascent Vestige''. Most of the time this will be one of the planes like how the devil and the demon are connected to the abyss and hells.
  An outsider's soul and body formed a single spiritual existence, tied fundamentally to a place, plane or individuals.
  Once this is complete you will be reborn as an avatar of yourself with a “Spiritual Vestige” and “Nascent Soul” and you can only permanently get killed if it is in the same plane as your “Nascent Vestige'. If your new body dies in another location it will revive in a process that can take months or years.
  Moreover, when such an entity travels to another plane, it remains anchored to its original plane with a mystical silver cord.

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