Large slow moving tanks of beetles that roam The Surface they require little water and can carry heavy loads perfect for caravans that criss-cross the neverending desert. The name is Sudrekira for the armored target for having thick chitin plates making them hard to kill and target for being slow moving. This name was given to them by the Orc tribes who use to hunt them for their meat. The Desert Elves however domesticated the tikyrr and use them to transport goods across the desert.  
"These creatures are the lifeblood of our tribe, our people. You must respect them or they will not do what you want."
  • Allynna Holuro
  • Basic Information


    Being a ginormous beetle the tikyrr has six legs and is armed with hard to penetrate chitin plating which leads into this creature having an exoskeleton. The head of the tikyrr is similar to our real world's European rhinoceros beetle more so the horn that is between the eyes of the beetle and goes upwards. The tikyrr comes in a limited palette of yellows and whites to blend in with the desert and has some bumps on its chitin.

    Genetics and Reproduction

    Being a beetle it lays eggs that wait to be fertilized and go through a bugs normal life cycle with the larva and everything.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    It can take serval months to a year for the tikyrr to reach its full height, weight, and plate hardness they molt several times in their early development.

    Ecology and Habitats

    They live in the desert surface of Dolwen and burrow into the sand to hide from most predators.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    The tikyrr plants which are hard to find so they are close to the oasis pools that dot the Surface eating and drinking what can be found there.

    Additional Information


    It didn't take much for the Desert Elves to domesticate them since they feed the creatures and offered protection from the harsh desert and the creatures that wanted to eat them. The tikyrr, as a result, rely on them and trust them for protection instead of charging into an attack right away.

    Uses, Products & Exploitation

    Tikyrrs provide transportation through the desert and carry heavy loads. While they are molting their chitin is used to make ornaments and housing for the Desert Elves. When they die they also provide meat.

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    The tikyrr uses its bug eyes to get a feel for where it is and uses its feet and horn to detect changes in the environment this also helps it find food and water.
    50 years
    Conservation Status
    Under the protection of the Desert Elves.
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    A gradient of yellows and white with bumps on them.


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