The farewell ceremony

All the articles in this world are narrated from the point of view of Alyster Keith, Adventurer and Emperor of Three.

For our dead,
We cry.
For our enemies,
We save.
For our friends,
We laugh.
For our families,
We smile.
For our convictions,
We rise.
For life,
We fight.
— Farewell prayer
  Funerals are never moments of celebration. Through our history, we buried so much that we could not give a prayer to everyone. So I opted for something simple and solemn. Before the pandemic, we already burned our dead, but we left the choice to families. But since cremation is the only option. The goal remains to honor the memory of the dead and allow loved ones to move on.  

The unfolding of the farewell ceremony

  In the case of a ceremony for a civilian, a family member utters some words in memory of the deceased. Then he lights the pyre where a representative of authority, whoever he may be, pronounces the farewell prayer.
In the case of a military ceremony, members of the family put the deceased's arms on the stake and a bell is sounded. A representative or a family member says a few words and the ceremony ends as if for a civil ceremony.


For each ceremony, it is important for a representative of the Empire to attend the ceremony. He does not have to be a specific rank, because in some circumstances you do not always have an officer nearby.
It is also preferable that he is a relative, because because of wars, there are not necessarily decent burials. So the least we can do is at least make it warm and solemn.


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