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The Doom-Coil is suspended within the hollow interior of the planet Nihilhor, the massive world Omega calls home. Once its blackened surface was a garden paradise beyond compare, planted and tended by the Alphians, their blooms singing as they flowered, but beauty no longer exists on Nihilhor. The Ouroboros Skin now covers the surface of the world; a blackened expanse of nigh-indestructible iron where the bodies of Alphians who were defeated by the Doom-Coil lay, stretched and distorted in hideous ways to form an armored surface, a living skin composed of hopelessly trapped gods.   The Terminus Stream, a plume of cosmic fire, flows out of a rift on the planet’s surface, spiraling down into the endless blackness of the Void at the center of The Terminus. The breadth of Nihilhor is how universes die, in fire, as their concentrated energies are sucked into the great engine of Entropy and then spewed out into the maw of annihilation, Entropy itself. The Terminus Stream combines the vast pressures of a black hole formed by a collapsing universe with the primal temperatures found in its heat death, closer to oblivion incarnate than any death god of any culture ever conceived.   Dotting the Ouroboros Skin are numerous grim towers and palaces. The largest is Omega’s great palace complex, housing the Omegadrone factories, which churn and spew foul smoke and belch flame. This was once the Dawncastle of Unus. Here, the captured heroes of fallen wars are fused with the machines of Shadivan Steelgrave to produce Omegadrones. Here, Physician Friendly and his Nightmare Nurses perform obscene medical experiments on captives from a hundred universes. Here, Madrigal Martinet drills the Final Armada with an iron fist. Here, Abby-Brio, the Counter, prostrates himself in Omega’s treasury, counting the stolen fortunes of the Omniverse. Each of the Annihilists has a fortress and petty-kingdom, and sometimes they go to war with each other. So long as their petty quarrels do not affect him, Omega does not care. Forces of Omegadrones patrol the skies over the Annihilists’ fortresses, a constant reminder not to take their “games” too far.
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