Brewed Pearl

The most popular drink in the known world (though that's widely because there is so many different varieties available), Brewed Pearl is drank by every walk in society. Rich or poor. Educated or not. Adult or Child. It's flavor is widely varied, and further modified by the huge spread of ingredients that you can add throughout the brewing process.   Most striking about the drink is the pearlescent tone, most accurately described as 'drinking liquid opals'. Any color is possible, depending on the exact species of Pearl-Diver's Jester used as the base. Most common is an iridescent white, with other colors reaching bronze, purple, green, gold, red, brown (one of the least popular colors due to it's rather bitter flavor), gray, black, blue, orange, silver, and any other combination or permutation you can think of. My personal favorite is gold.   While each flavor is different, the vast majority of them are, in some respect, sweet. A person can always find a flavor they'd want, however. As every species and subspecies has a slightly different taste to it. Mint, Sarsaparilla root, chocolate, cinnamon, peach. Some of them even have a taste like wine or whiskey, able to impart intoxication in large amounts. Of the unprocessed berries that is. Once the pearls are actually brewed it is like any other lightly alcoholic drink.   Recently, the process of 'carbonation' has become popular. Giving the drinks a bubbly kick to their already diverse cast of flavors. Some say it's a fad, but I hope it's not. This stuff is great.


It's a cultural landmark across the world, and can't really be attributed to any nation or source.   For such a simple thing, it can act as a bridge between anyone and everyone. We can all partake in it's iridescent beauty and unique taste.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
The most common drink around the world, it's rarity comes from the different colors that can be made from it's base. Pearlescent white being the most common, and with colors like gold or bronze being some of the more rare.
Raw materials & Components
The base and only truly needed ingredient is the "berry" of the Pearl-Diver's Jester. Any species of the plant is sufficient, though each one will result in a different flavor, though some are more sought after than others.
Many brewers look to crush the berries of the Pearl-Diver's Jester before subjecting them to the cooking process. It's said to allow a more full flavor to present itself in the end product.


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