Virilen Mourning Dress

The sea of shimmering dark blue aó dàis, kimonos, and tunics painted a vivid reflection of the starry sky... and a tragic picture of death.

Virilen young women wear aó dàis, while older women wear kimonos and men wear high-collared tunics with loose straight pants. The same conventions are followed in mourning dress.


These designs are what Virilen mourners wear when a loved one or friend passes away. The shimmery dragon scale thread woven through the midnight blue material is intended to resemble a starry night, a reminder that the departed now lives among the gods in the stars.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Raw materials & Components
Most Virilen mourning dresses are made of midnight blue silk, interwoven with silver dragon scale thread. The scale thread comes from Upper Virilia, where silver and gold dragons are more common. When Upper Virilen materials are too expensive for Lower Virilen mourners, pearl beading from Lower fishing villages can operate as a substitute.
Mourning dress material is hand-woven on a loom, and dresses are hand-sewn with bone needles.
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