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Spell Orbs

These glass orbs seem to swirl with a coloured mist with them. The colour of the mist may change depending on the emotional state of the caster. This requires more research, but few people have survived when the orb has turned red.   Spell casters attuned to them can use them as a spellbook.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A spell caster who has learnt a spell can transfer their knowledge of a spell to the orb over the course of an hour per spell level. They are then able to cast the spell without the need to have it prepared in their spell book, and material components that do not have a gold value are able to be cast as if an Arcane Focus was used, whilst the orb is on them.   This does make it dangerous for a wizard to lose, as they could lose access to casting many spells, and give their enemy access to spells that could destroy them.


First seen during The God Wars, these have gone mostly forgotten until the technology to create them has been rediscovered lately. Only highly powerful wizards have been able to harness them so far, and are working on smaller, less powerful variations.   These wizards have poured many spells into them to see how many they can hold and are yet to find a limit.
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