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The traditions of Gifts

Describe the traditions of gift-giving in your world
Gifts are typically simple in the islands; children are gifted sweets more often than not. A form of crushed and darkened sugar cane served in slivers being the cheapest and most common. Though a few are gifted more practical items, swords made of bamboo bundles being popular for both boys and girls. This is usually done when one expects their children to take up sailing. As the children grow older knives gain popularity still with the thought that those who receive them will take to the sea one day, and though the shore bound receive them as well, the sea bound are required to have one for themselves. Sheaths for these vary in complexity, and often come a year or more after the knife themselves. This is because leather for one is often more valuable than the knife itself, and sailors take great pride in how the sheaths are decorated, weather with stamped patterns or sometimes inset pearls or even gemstones. Girls who are expected to take a husband and run a home are gifted with, usually their first, string of pearls. This usually comes sometime after her 16th birthday, and always for a girl who hasn't taken to the sea before she's 19. These are well loved and typically worn with pride as the showing of them shows a girl is preparing for marriage.  Gifts among friends are usually drink, rum from the sugarcane used for candy being the easiest to get ahold of. Though wines, and meads made of locally available fruit are not uncommon.  Wives and husbands gift each other with a relatively standard array of items. A new knife, tool, or maybe an expertly prepared dinner. A new string of pearls, a chain with a gemstone, the finishing of a promised project. Though rings are very unusual as these are usually bought personally to show successful years of trading.


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