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Evangeline Vallen

Captain of the Guard Evangeline Vallen

Evangeline became Captain of the Guard three years ago when she discovered that the previous Captain, was sending guards to their death whilst transporting the staff coffers. Sent along dangerous patrol routes, the guards were attacked by thugs working for the previous Captain and the money stolen.   By uncovering this corruption, the man was dismissed from duty. With the sudden occupational opening, Eresin Duval accepted Evangeline’s request to fill the post. Since she had been a member of the city guard for 38 years, he conceded that no one else was better suited to understanding the other guards, the city, and its people.   She is well respected by her fellow guardsmen, but the same can't be said by Tucapon's citizens. The elves see her as a traitor to her own people, an aid to their oppressors, and the humans say she is soft-hearted and incompetent. Not everyone despises her authority but her position is always at risk.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Her parents both lost their darkvision when Tucapon was invaded by Denmoria—the attacking force used paralysis and poisonous gases. Her parents were lucky to only suffer poor vision.   Her parents were both midwives. One night her father was drunk coming home from the tavern. So were a group of nobles racing their carriages home. Her father was trampled and left crippled from the hips down.   The nobles were not convicted for causing him grievous harm. As a result, Evangeline aspired to be a guard to improve life for her people from inside the law.   First she travelled to Southsunder, hoping the people there would be more welcoming. They accepted her into their guard and trained her well. During her time there, she developed a fondness to halflings, one lady in particular who managed the guards' inventory. They grew to respect each other so much that the halfling taught Evangeline her language.   However, out of duty to her home and missing her mother, Evangeline eventually returned to Tucapon and joined the guard there.   She finds it difficult to obey the law, believing that sometimes the context of a crime does not justify the punishment. Every day she sees how impossibly difficult it is to help her people within the confines of her position.
Current Location
Large brown, tired eyes
Mid-length, smooth, ginger.

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