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Once ruled by elves, Tucapon was conquered by the Denmorian Kingdom 117 years ago. The elven King and Queen were slaughtered, but rumours persist that their two children survived.   Tucapon is now ruled by a family closely tied to the royal human bloodline through marriage, supported by nobles from the surrounding areas. It is currently governed by Eresin Duval, the Lord Mayor, who oversees the city administration with growing paranoia. Despite hiring an aarakocra as a diplomatic advisor, he has no interest in forging closer relations with the aarakocra clan in the mountains, only ensuring that things remain as they are—under Denmorian rule.   Much of the original elven architecture has survived, but there are traces of the battle still scattered about, such as the demolished statues of elven gods, only their stone feet left standing on rooftops or the sides of buildings. Fragrant orange trees and beautiful blossom trees used to populate the city, planted by elven King Maldor to "ripen the air with a sweetness that should overpower any unwashed pungencies", but these were all burned during the conquest.   Currently, after the elves attempted to revolt against the establishment during the Festival of the Heart, the elvish citizens have been segregated to Eastern Low Town. Only those with a passport of pardon are allowed to leave, and even then, they must return by curfew.


Tucapon is a city built against the Star Metal Mountains, half hewn into the mountains, half sprawling across the flatlands where the city started out as a settlement. Waterfalls and rivers course between the upper streets, their natural paths crafted into the city’s splendour. Buildings are hewn from white rock, the grandest designs towering over the rooftops. Water gushes between the pillars that hold these mansions and public buildings aloft. Crowning the city at its highest peak sits the Water Palace, framed against the Star Metal Mountains’ largest waterfall that cascades into the city’s complex waterways.   Beyond the city stretches plains of fertile grasslands where horses are still bred and uphold a strong reputation across the Kingdom. A small number of hamlets are within a day or two's ride from the city. Sprawling woodland, known as the Mosswood, is just beyond the city and spreads to the east. There are a number of crumbling elven settlements and shrines lost within the Mosswood.   The weather here is often grey, Tucapon’s winters are wet and windy, but the summer is pleasant enough with cool breezes from the mountains. But when snow flurries in from the peaks it turns to slush in the streets and heavier rainfall leads to flooding in the plains.

Fauna & Flora

  • Sally Leaves

Natural Resources

The city’s wealth is founded in its rich moonstone mines, its goby fishing, and for the staunch horses bred in the surrounding foothills.   Waterfalls:
  • Ralehr Cascades—the highest and largest waterfall feeding into the city, flowing around the Water Palace before it tumbles, as if the palace is suspended in water and cannot be swept off the edge.
  • Marble Falls—the next tier of waterfalls flowing under the affluent Crystal Heights district.
  • Onyx Falls—the next tier of waterfalls flowing under and around the most prominent parts of the city, such as the banks, the theatre, the hospital, the holy house, the Academy of Noble Arts, the Glass Library and more.
  • Sunny Point Rapids—fast-flowing waters that separate the main city from the moonstone mines and Western Low Town
  • The Narrow Rapids—these vicious waters tumble between Eastern and Northern Low Town, flowing from the Onyx Falls

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