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Deadmouth Island

Ineene the 13th of Vloosk, 326

Deadmouth Island. The Island of Lost Colonies.   For centuries, the sentient races of the world have tried to get a foothold on this island, rich in resources sought after by the more civilized societies. Yet none have conquered the island and its denizens for long.   Dangerous creatures. Unpredictable weather patterns. Pockets of wild magic. An impenetrable coastline.   Over time, the risk has outweighed the reward.   Scattered ruins litter the countryside filled with abandoned treasures, the remnants of forgotten protections, pockets of natural and magically altered creatures and a great and terrible secret that threatens the fabric of an unknowing world.   The disjointed, segregated city of Highport serves as the landing point for newcomers, but it can hardly be called a colony itself. It soaks up the dregs of the lost and attracts the foolhardy and brave aiming to explore the ruins. Lawless and dangerous, it has no permanent structure to it. Racial and gang warfare are rife and survival is the name of the game. But there are opportunities and riches to be found, if you only look in the right place.