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Storm Sorcery

In some places sorcery is considered a gift, in some it’s considered a blessing but in Zinedor sorcery is usually considered a curse, and those with the gifts of the arcane are unlucky. On this shore of Cordana semi-regular storms batter the coast frequently blamed on Sondekor wreck havoc and sometimes destroy the livelihood of the people of the region.   Occasionally an individual is born with innate Storm magic, and although this magic gives them great powers most people don’t trust them due to the stormy nature of their abilities. People with these abilities are often given the cold shoulder, and need to take more time to get to know people due to innate distrust.   Many people consider them to be offspring of Sondekor, whether this is true or not remains unclear or if it’s the timing of their birth, prior to a large storm. This connection to storms causes them to often get jobs on ships for some of them will develop innate abilities to control the localized weather. After time most of them are able to show that they mean the world no harm and that this gift that they were given was not due to a connection to Sondekor but a gift more likely from Kord the Storm lord to help them protect the city. However many prove themselves, a few still will retain spite for the city and for those who have given them nothing due only to circumstances of their birth. A set of twins some time ago one born with rage within and the other with the breath of the air are known to continue to make a mess of the town. These two are sought after by the local guards and are believed to be in progress of forming their own group to try and seize power within the city.

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