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1431AC, First Days of Late Spring

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Dascapus is a world shaped by Gods and Titans who take active interest in the lives of mortals. From the Age of Creation, through the times of Corruption and War, to the present-day Age of Arcanum, Dascapus has an extensive and colourful history.   Started in April of 2016, running D&D 5th Edition, the campaign has enjoyed nearly 3 years of success with many more still to come!   The campaign follows a trailblazing group of adventurers known as the Eternal Drifters - the first of their kind. From humble beginnings as a band of mercenaries, hired for a smuggling job, they now sit upon the grand Asparian Council, alongside the Sovereign Hugue Foxborn, Spymaster Sanric, Archmage Rusya Yermakov, Archpriest Ryfon Quinan and many other important people. Friends and enemies, fey and devils, Gods and Titans – all manner of creatures await the group in their adventures to come.