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Arjanje pop

A ball of pure Arjanje condensed into a soft but solid orb for snacking on the go.
  The pop contains every part of the fruit if it's made naturally. The most natural process includes infusing Mixing Chamber with magic until the fruit is in liquid form.
  Despite the pop containing the skin & some of its noticeable characteristics (tough/crunchy) the food itself has a soft, almost crunchy outer layer. The characteristics of the skin continue throughout the entirety of the treat, providing small pockets of texture inside the otherwise slimy and cold heart of the fruit. The color persists as well, giving the ball a bright, stripy look.

Manufacturing process

The delicacy has a low melting point due to where the fruit is grown.


The first house to create an arjanje pop, lived in Marin Lehan. According to the family, the product was created by accident when one of the now-deceased members grew frustrated with a storage issue. Once their magical outbursts grew strong enough, they started to notice a faint sweet aroma, and realized they had melted half of their arjanje harvest. This melted substance occupied significantly less space than the odd-shaped fruit it came from, so they quickly made a storage container for the liquid - in the spherical cases often used to transport the fruit.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Common in areas where it's made
3 lbs
.45 arz sphere
Base Price
24 RQ


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