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The Kingdom of Darta

Darta is one of the leading forces in the world. It is a big kingdom with an ancient history.


The King/Queen lead the kingdom, with the help of a council. The monarch inherits this place, aka the firstborn child in the family. The council is chosen by the citizen in an election. 20 members sit at the council, excluding the monarch.

Public Agenda

Darta is here to seek peace and be the invicible power that makes sure everyone stays safe.


They have a lot of funds, made from old explorations, conquests, trade deals and such things. They share the military with the Academy, co-owning all the material, mounts, vehicles

The ancient power


Founding Date
Not known exactly, but somewhere around 800
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The First Kingdom
Head of State
Head of Government
Legislative Body
In Darta two parts help govern the land: the king/queen, and a council.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Notable Members

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