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A world drawing from many sources to create an amalgamation of genres, all types of fantasy, steam/dieselpunk, and even a bit of scifi, to create a distinct and memorable world as a homebrew RPG setting. From the continent of Turvalin, full of magic and monsters, to the warring city-states of the Corswain, the diverse lore of the world allows for many interesting encounters.   Corswain is my current main focus. It is a land opportunity, with the many factions vying to get ahead of each other. Caloth, The Dominion of Mist, a land of mystery, unknown to most. Kelivik, The Tribes of the Greywyld, a deep swamp full of beasts and the men who rule them. Lonadel, The City of Shadows, a bustling metropolis unable to grow with its people. Lothia, the Covenant of the Returned, a holy order dedicated to their God-Emperor. Nyama, The Houses of Prominence, A collection of knightly houses that safeguard the future through their dedication to family. Tegalia, Home of the Firstborn, A prideful people who were the first to walk the lands of Corswain, and see themselves above all the others. Xenia, A Paradise in the Sky, A people who are literally above all others in their floating cities. A once peaceful people almost driven to extinction in the last war.   It has currently been 17 years since the last war. Wounds have healed, but grudges have not been forgotten. War will strike again, but who will strike the first blow is still uncertain. Alliances are being formed and constantly shifting, old allies becoming new enemies and unlikely friendships are formed.

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