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The Beacon

The Beacon is one of the several artifacts of an ancient culture recovered from the Sky Tower in the year 64 BU.   The Beacon is a staff, 165 cm long and 6 cm wide, made of a light metal of unknown origin. The surface of the rod is covered by 1 by 1 cm tiles. The cross section of those tiles is broader in the middle and spindle-like. Nineteen thin axis run along the interior of the Beacon and through the tiles, allowing the tiles to rotate to the other side. Intentionally switching the displayed side of any tile is at this point impossible, as they seem to react only to specific stimuli. One side of each tile is metal and smooth, the other one is covered by a green, notched gem. If several neighboring gems are exposed, they act as uncanny lenses and seem to funnel and circulate absorbed light between them in a set pattern.   The Beacon, together with the other Sky Tower artifacts, was after discovery presented to the royal family of Wyeh. It was stored in the palace vault until after the Unification War, when the items were transfered to the Uniwersity of Erwy. It was then when the change in the staff's appearance was first noted. While about 200 tiles were gem-like when it was sent, most of them reversed to their metal side when unpacked at destination. After several weeks of unsuccessful attempts to alter the number of visible gems, the University researchers sent it with a small escort to a jewelry expert living on the eastern coast of Dain to gain insight into their light processing capabilities. Upon arrival, only two gems remained visible, with all the others retreating to the interior of the Beacon. This time, the research team observed the item as it traveled back and finally they noticed the tiles flipping as the distance to the University shrank. The end result was identical to when they first left.   Currently the Beacon rests in a safehouse in Port Leosta. It is waiting for return of captain Iria Starwild, the discoverer of the Zean continent, to be brought on the next journey over the ocean. As it neared the southern shore of Dain, the Beacon revealed more of its gem tiles than ever, clerly pointing towards far south-west. Where it leads and what it unlocks is unknown.

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