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The evil winged human.


A lot of old people from the more ancient races, specially Saurians, told a tale about the "Winged evil human" that snatch everything, to satisfy its greed, its hunger and its more vile desires, naughty children in particular.   They are a great danger because they came when the sun is at its highest, with pale skin, golden hair and clear eyes you think this is an emissary of the gods; even if looks like a human its really beautiful, almost perfect; and amazing when spreads his multicolored wings; but is a mortal mistake to think is good or safety.   It will destroy everything and will laugh while its done.

Historical Basis

In ancient times now forgotten, the celestials rule all Daimon. The were a race of conquest, from another sphere of life, another dimension, maybe a creation from a god to server; they are formed by 3 sub races: The symmetric, the amorphous and the neutrals.   The symmetrics are "perfect beigns" all with wings. Can be of pale skin with multicolored wings, are quite intelligent and resemble a human, others are like female humans too but have horns a bat like wings and are very attractive too. The amorphous are monstrosities that have no real form at all can be a mass with arms, tentacles or a lot of eyes; are disgusting to the sight but always have some sort of attack: Claws, teethes, swordlike arms, poison, acidic skin; they are like living weapons. Finally the "neutrals" are more know commonly as "demons" beings with red skin, the majority have horns, and then to be like soldiers or the ones to perform the common activities for the celestials.


Is common knowledge this tale, more for childrens than for adults that don't believe in this. The saurians are aware that once this creature exist but not about its real agenda or race.

Variations & Mutation

The reality of this celestial race is forgotten in time. The current races don't know about it. When the celestials were exiled from daimon the races like elves, humans and dwarves then flourish; the elves were the first great civilization but the then to not write or make cultural remarks about the celestials, the dwarves think like them the humans kept some memories and cultural references. For a time they thought, those symmetrics celestial were allies in battle against the others. They were wrong. With the fall of the human civilization and the rise of the minos this stories are only for childrens that don't behave

Cultural Reception

Some races tend to tell about this as a real human to make the childrens afraid of humans. The gnomes specially that were ill treated for eons by them.

In Literature

In some libraries, temples or collectors of old human cities exist some books about tales of the "winged human" some are about helping humans in time of need. A church exploit this tales and make some images and works of art about this to gain power, but not last long.

In Art

Some paintings, sculptures even a temple with image of this "winged being" as a good being. The church is abandoned now and the art spread.


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