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Six and death

A common played game of cards

A deck of cards have 12 cards in four figures.


The number twelve was a number for divination practices, even when divine magic is used within this practice, a lot of people see this like dark magic. Initially a set of twelve runes where created to read the fate of individuals or civilizations alike, as time pass, this where converted to cards made with carved wood or leather.

A deck of cards have twelve cards in four suits, each suit represents an element: drop, water; flame, fire; diamond, earth and spiral, air.

Each card has a number from carved marks or a sigil that represents numbers from 1 to 10, the card eleven has a shadow or the rune:Darkness, the card twelve has a great winged reptile or the rune: Wisdom.

In some human regions use two extra card in blank to represent any wanted card.
Minotaurs represent the number 1 with a sun and change its value to 13th, above the shadow and the winged reptile.

No one knows who start or invent this game but became popular in the human culture and was rapidly accepted by gnomes, dwarves, minotaurs and even elfs that didn't like much games.


The goal is simple: Have the greatest sum in 6 or less cards.
That's a main reason cause a lot of decks have marks instead of runes/numbers, and the why became so popular.

  1. Each player is dealt 6 face down cards , no one can see it.
  2. The first player reveals a card. If a 5 is revealed, he or she may change it with the one at the top of the deck that where not deal.If a 6 is revealed, he or she lose. In any other case he or she may place bet.
  3. The next player must pay the bet, if any, to start open cards. Is subject to the same conditions if reveals a 5 or a 6, with one more condition he or she must reveal cards until their total is greater than the total of the past player. Then he or she can place a bet on that total.
  4. The players keep reveling cards until only one player remains, all others reveal a 6 and he or she wins; or all the cards in the table are revealed, in this case the player with the highest total win.

Things to remember

When playing in some human regions the blank card has no value at all even when in other games can be any card.
In others became a copy of the last card revealed

If you play with minotaurs the 1 card or sun card, if playing with a minotaur deck, the value is 13th, and you must play with this rule, is not optional.

Components and tools

A deck of cards and money.

Example of play:

3 players.Human deck of cards, blank value is 0 and forced change with a revealed 5.
  • The first player reveals a 5 and is forced to change it drawing a 9. He thinks his 9 worth 1 silver piece and place this bet
  • The second player, first pays the bet, then also reveals a 5, with his forced change draw a 6. He is out this round.
  • The third player, pays the 1 silver bet and reveals a 7 she must reveal another card because is less than the 9 of the first player, revels a second card with a 2, even when she ties the card total need to be higher, the next card she reveals is blank!! then is forced to reveal a four card showing another 7, the total is now 16 the first player has to reveal 5 cards and she already has revealed 4. She is the last player then she must decide if she concede, if not, as the last player in the round must raise the bet at least equal to the last bet. She pays the 1 silver to continue.
  • In his turn the first player, pays the 1 silver raised and revels another card: a Shadow, now his total is 20 vs 16 and bet 2 silvers. The third player folds.

If she pays the bet and reveals cards she will get a total of 28 with her 6 cards, the first player has more than this BUT one of his reaming cards is a 6 is he reveal it he loses but this will not ever be know.

All the cards are shuffled and a new round begins.


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