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More Renick

More Renick (a.k.a. Smiles)

More Renick was, by all standarts, a dreamer. He was a soul full of wonder and friend of all humans, non humans, animals and other beigns (some say he can talk with spritits)
For those who knew it always have a new adventure, a new enterprise; the greatest of all was to discover a new land full of riches, new and amazing creatures and flora this discovery will change the world and will be the end of his life forgotten, not forgotten, denied of his rightfull place in history.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son of the royal family maiden, he play with the lords sons and daugthers; he learn a lot of topic only by listen carefully the mentors at the house; as all kids, he learn about his own interest: geography, some literacy and plays. They taught how to handle and manners of the royal blood people
  Growing up he spend all days in the plaza working on the circus, he meet his two best friends, later companions: the gnome, Isa Trapesist; the dwarf, Bear Grummick.
With his contacts, the three would embark to discover a whole new continent.


Some education in social skills thanks of the former master of his mother.
Auto study of some topics in arts and geography


Even as a "servant" he and his mother has all they need to have a good life.
He work for almost a year and a half in a local circus for free helping his friends

Accomplishments & Achievements

Leader of the expedition that discover the new continent, weastern of the main one, Kalassar, the new name given by the minos.
This new continent has no oficial name know for all as the Grastion lands

Failures & Embarrassments

He was killed, in a second mutiny, returning to the main continent with "success": He spare almost all the first group of surviving rioters
Current Status
Long black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White with large spots
1.70 m
65 Kg
Known Languages
Dwarven and the west coast human language


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