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Jasson Grastion

King Jasson Viker Grastion

The history behind the Grastion family, the honor the forfathers recieved and the vast wealth is shoudred in conspiracy, treason and legends.
  Jasson is the current loved and benevolent king of the Grastion kingdom, a new place in the new continent. 

Physical Description

Facial Features

Long beard, he decorate it as a "dwarf" as a sign of respect lot of humans of the old continent don´t like it but undestad this simple gesture gain a lot of sympathy, support and gold from the dwarves.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a kid he saw the Grastion kingdom and his family as a dream place and as heros for the entire human race
As a young he undestad more of the world, he learn about economy, politics and etiquette inlcuding other races even that is not a common, or even acepted, curricula among royal human families, he suspects that Grastion, as a kindom and as a family name, has a lot more behind the curtain that the people thinks;then when he becamen king he discover the truth was more terrible and, at the same time, more mundane: is the way politics in the real world works


As a member of one of the most important, and recent, human royal families he has knowledge in a variety of topics.
The currricula includes history a lot of social skills to became a ruler
He proves to be a savvy politician and master of etiquette, not only within the humans but with other races, the most important for the kingdom the dwarves.
He excel too in economics proven to kwon a lot about risk, where to invest gold and time, where to invest only gold and where to not waste time.

Morality & Philosophy

He know about the family "secret"; he don't like it but will keep it until death cause he understands not only how politics works but he knows no good will come if this is public knowledege
But he is trying to, some how, rectify it.

Personality Characteristics


He is trying to make ammends for his family and really wants his kindom and his subjects to trive.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Savvy economy, politics and social skills
Inept hand-eye cordination, weapons





His voice is always calm and strong
Current Status
Ruler Grastion Kindom
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.75 m
80 Kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent with the dwarven and gnomish languaje both have the same roots, at least from the west coast of the main continent
Undestad the basics of the commerce languaje from the mariners, from the south 
He is trying, in the few free time he has, to learn the ancient language, the one the history said was the language of the evil non divine magic wilders, he undestands, more than ever, that the history is written by the winners.

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