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False memory

Its a hidden mental illness

Transmission & Vectors

The majority of cases are by thought or magical a few cases are genetic.


Certain beings are more "empathic" than others and can be more receptive to some energies and conditions.

Some of this empathic people are receptacles for divinity, transmitting important messages; other can "feel" and be possessed by spiritual beings. The first time this kind of commune is performed they are exposed to the "memory" imprinted in the energies and are more prone to the affliction.

In ancient times when wizards, practitioners of the non divine magic, where more common. They use some magic to control the minds of others, make them sleep or see things that are not real but some of those spells can control the mind, in some cases, forcing the subject to do things against his or her will, in a dream state; the more powerful of this magic enable the mage to posses the target as per a spiritual being.
Then a more fast cycle of this illness begins in the subjects,with a less receptive mind and more easily corrupted than an empath.
In actual times similar versions of some those spells have a divine counterpart but are forbidden.

Finally, exist some rare cases that has this condition coded in their genes, the factors that triggers it are currently unknown. The cycle start at the adolescence according to the race.


This mental illness has two major paths:One for those that have memories of others and other for those that start to believe in things that only they imagine.  

Other mind

The afflicted star to remember things that didn't happens or at least that don't happen to he or her.  
  • Have flashes of things made or feel by the beigns that share his mind, magic or spirit with them.
  • They start to fill the blanks for the above flashes creating a false memory of an event, feeling or experience.
  • Remember that memories as own.
  • Starting to act based in those memories:
    Searching a lost family heirloom that is not from their family.
    Cry and feel real pain for the lost of the spirit's daughter.
    Seeking vengeance for the bandits that raid the mage's home.


Imagine all

The afflicted believe the things he or she hopes, dreams or imagine were real.

  • Their imagination intensify.
  • Create imaginary scenarios more often. The ideal partner, a large fortune or a monster under the bed.
  • Fail to distinguish between a real event or the ones their imagine, desire or fear.
  • Starting to act based in those memories:
    Get more "friendly" with the tavern boy like if their boyfriend or lover.
    Purchasing a lot of stuff like rich people.
    Don't sleep in bed because is a monster under it.


This condition has a serious trouble, none is treating it.

Very few physicians now about this and don't understand it yet. Moreover as the cycle of this affliction progress, in most cases, very slow then familiars or friends can't identify it, even when the personality change occurs is quite often referenced to another illness or problem and therefore wrong treated.


The principal outcome is change in the personality as the subject became more and more assured that he or she is acting accordingly the past. The final outcome depends on the subject itself because two patients with similar ideas, lets say a lost imaginary son, one can live his or her life in eternal sorrow and the other take his or her own life.


This depends on the subject and the consequences of his or her actions.

Affected Groups

Humans are the more that can be affected by false memories because the chemstry in their brains are more subjet to manipulation and more receptive, even with the "false memories" disease at full a lot of this never reach the final stage of the illness. Dwarves and Minotaurs are less receptive therefore less cases but a 90% of those cases reach the stage of personality change. Saurians have a middle term and gnomes have very few cases with only 15% of those critical. Some say the gnomes have a "slippery mind" and don't take nothing at all seriously


At this date no one is searching or aware of this condition.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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