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Cow face

Transmission & Vectors

As a genetic disorder.


Abnormal cell division results in a fill or partial copy of chromosomes.


Varies in severity from individual to individual.
The dominant race, minotaurs have more cases of this than any other race, thats why the name of the affliction cow face.
The individual have learning disabilites and develops some physical features like:
  • Flattened Face
  • Small head
  • Short neck
  • Big tongue
  • Small ears
  • Narrow eyes
  • Short hands
  • White spots in the iris

They act as childrens all the time, have lots of trouble handling feelings: Sadness, anger, frustration in contrast they develops a lot of muscular mass causing to be more strong than normal.
The affiction causes other medical abnormalities in the hearth and gastrointestinal disorders.


Almost all cases of this affliction have short lives because hearth failure or accidents.

Affected Groups

Older females in any race have more chance to gave birht a child with this affliction.

Cultural Reception

Each race treat this differently
Minotaurs:Almos every childs with this condition is recluted to make strong labors, this have some benefits for the family as they recive payment but then to shorten the life spectancy of the afflicted individual.

Dwarf:With almos 1 in 1000 cases of this appearing in a comunity they act similar to the minotaurs only that the afflicted child is removed from the family and compensated, this is because the great strenght a "cow face dwarf" have and the easy they get angry almos every time resulting in someone getting hurt.

Other races:The humans and gnomes tend to left the child in the hands of the family in this cases the responses are quite variables.

Saurians:Is not know about a saurian with this affliction but they are always secretive.
Chronic, Congenital


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