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Ancient Language

This is the original tongue of Dragons.
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The real creators of the world but no living sentient individual knows this.
This ancient language is forgotten in the time and history not the common folk nor the experts historians know about its origin BUT is still in use.
A lot of common words, phrases and names still have meaning at the present day.

Writing System

Ancient Alphabet
Ancient Alphabet 2

Geographical Distribution

All Diamon. Common words. Saurian is a direct variant of this.


Without some vocals

When you "translate" from common to ancient the following rules apply

Don't count the last vocals.
Life = Lyb (Pron: Lip)

Don't count the vocals after M.
Music = Iuanyr (Pron: Yu-An-irr)

Only use - when the h is in middle.
other = Oss-hek (Pron: Oss (pause) Ek)


Aryuil = Animal
Qyz = Vida(Life)
Okan =Oros(gold)
Zdrass = Death
Anoar = Son/dauther
Thoz = God
Aiuk = Amor(love)
Rolok = Color
Anwar = Sun
Iuar = Moon
Ak'pol = Arbol(tree)
Aliu = Alma(soul)
Aryth-ss = Nigth
Za+(Pron:EsaSh) = Day
Qqak(Pron:Grak) = War
Common Phrases
Loarth Ssoss
Long in the thooth
(gnome saying)
Bol Okan
Fool's Gold
(dwarven phrase)
Rkher kayrhean roiu phym, thek kheanyanss roiu taliuhek
Growth roots as an oak, but resist as a palm
(Saurian proverb)
Oar Anwar, Oar Thoz
One Sun, One God
(God sun motto)
Pheanss yoyr zdraiuar aq: roarqyarr Ss-hey aross he+yanss
Best trick demons have: convince they not exist.
(Ancient proverb)


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