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Magic in Cyntal is knowledge or an ability that is considered "unnatural or unexplainable", and is completely unique to every species, but not every individual. From the smallest to the largest, every creature has magic. No creature has more magic than any other. Magic does not affect anything outside of the individual who posses it.


Magic is used to define the unexplainable. Unexplainable things such as one species being capable of understanding a knowledge while no other can. The same applies to an ability no other creature could dream to have.

Many have attempted to explain Magic, though others claim Magic is the explanation. Regardless of how much knowledge there is on Magic, people still call it Magic.

If one does not have the Magic to understand Magic, then one cannot understand it at all.


Every creature has the same amount of Magic, however, Magic usage can be improved through difficult training. This training includes both knowledge of one's Magic and physically testing one's Magic.

In Cyntal, only the Sapient creatures of the world, Humans and Dragons and their offspring, can train their young to better harness Magic. Training Magic is most often done by a parent, however, some pay for private tutors in magic.

Types of Magic

There are two types of Magic; knowledge and mechanical.


Knowledge Magic is defined as a knowledge that no other creature is capable of understanding. No matter how much they are taught, if a creature does not have the same knowledge Magic, they cannot understand it.

The prime example of knowledge Magic comes from Humans. Humans have a Magic they describe as Innovation. Humans know how to turn the materials of the land and sky into tools and toys. Some of these things are not essential to their survival, but they were created anyway, to either help make life easier, or simply for fun.

Dragons, a creature without this Magic, do not understand how or why Humans create these tools or toys. They see no point in the tools when the task can be done by hand or claws. They see toys as frivolous things, they believe toys have no impact on life. Dragons do not and cannot understand the intricacies and complexities of this kind of Magic.


Mechanical Magic is defined as an action or mechanism a creature has or is capable of doing that no other creature could. No creature could also understand the ability, no matter what Magic they have.

The prime example of mechanical Magic are Dragons. Dragons can transform their bodies. They can change colors, change shapes, and even change size. In the modern day, Dragons are trained and able to transform themselves into Humans.

Humans, a creature without this Magic, do not understand how Dragons are able to transform, and transform so skillfully that a Dragon in human form is indistinguishable from a true Human. No matter what Humans do, they are never able to replicate this Magic. They do not and cannot understand the intricacies and complexities of this kind of Magic.


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Jan 19, 2024 00:26 by Ezra Aldrich

This was a fun, easy read. I enjoyed this take on magic in your world. I liked the detail of the difference between knowledge and mechanical along with both the humans' and dragons' thoughts on how they don't understand the other.

Jan 22, 2024 22:55 by Scarlet Spitfire

Thank you! The difference in magic also leads to cultural differences as well! Dragons, for example, never learn to read and write because they see it as pointless. They have excellent memory and don’t care to question anything. Think about it, if you question something you will usually Google it and read about it. Dragons don’t question things, and don’t care to read about anything. Dragons primarily care about survival skills, anything else that doesn’t contribute to survival skills is pointless. Dragons only choose to learn to read if they want to join a human society. Other than that, few dragons ever learn how to read, and even fewer learn to write.