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Gala Osipova

Gala Osipova (a.k.a. Krast'sya)

Gala is a Russian thief and smuggler, transporting fae and rebels across the border both ways with supplies stolen from Cleansed checkpoints. Fae is heavily wanted by Cleansed forces for treason, and so keep to faeself for the most part, living and moving around the rural areas of southern Russia.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Gala has a soft, rounded face and expressive, thick eyebrows. Faer cheeks are lightly dotted with freckles and the skin around faer right eye is slightly darker than the rest. Faer eyes are slightly sunken and tired.

Apparel & Accessories

Gala is usually dressed for the cold, sensitive to it, and so fae often wears a heavy coat with a fur-lined hood, often paired with a scarf if the weather is particularly cold. Fae wears a utility belt with pouches and loops for potions, dried foods and other survival supplies for those fae smuggles across the border.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gala was born premature on a cold winter night, to a single mother who lived in isolation away from civilisation. Faer mother was once a Rebellion agent, but fled to rural lands when faer father revealed himself to be operating for Cleansed forces. She did what she could to take care of her child, but without the support of her husband and the Rebellion she could do little but wrap fae up and hope fae survived.   Fortunately, she had settled in a land richly populated by fae. One morning a wandering woodland nymph stumbled upon their home, sensing the sickness within, and in a rare display of candidness they revealed themself to the mother, offering their aid. She gratefully agreed, and Gala was healed with magic that made fae stronger and healthier. Fae grew and supported faer mother in general isolation, leading a peaceful, simple life -- but fae always kept in faer thoughts the nymph faer mother told fae of.   Faer power grew over time, which fae mostly used to keep faer mother safe and healthy, and when Cleansed operatives found their hideout fae used faer power to hide from them, unable to help as faer mother was arrested for treason due to her past with the Rebellion. Gala left home soon afterwards, journeying to find any Rebellion fae could find -- determined to prevent this from happening to any other families.


Raised entirely by faer mother, fae was taught a fair amount of history both Human and Fae. Gala knows much in the way of practical life skills: cooking, cleaning, herbalism... Fae is able to survive in many different rough environments thanks to faer mother's training.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Gala has a nervous tic that presents itself as a repeated slight sideways neck twitch and shrug in situations of high anxiety -- therefore this tic becomes one of the major things most people fae smuggles remember about fae. Fae also has a habit of clicking faer tongue when deep in thought.
Date of Birth
2nd November
Pale green, narrow
Sandy/Light Brown, short and scruffy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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