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Travers was nonplussed. "I'm really not here to talk about farming."
"What could be more important?" The man shifted uneasily. "This is the bread basket of Etoile, and I wanted to emphasize how absolutely vital this work is in feeding the Principality."
"I'd like to think I'm well aware of that." The magus frowned. "Still doesn't impact the job. A stolen power-wagon is a stolen power-wagon."
The farmer puffed up. "That power wagon is *vital* for getting the harvest in! My new harvester requires a power source, and without it we're harvesting at a quarter rate! This isn't just a wagon rustle from some noble in the cities."
"Alright, alright." Travers put up a hand. "Your harvest is important, I get it. Just give me the details, when you last saw your wagon, who you think could have taken it, etc."
The farmer scratched his beard. "Well, to give you a complete picture..."

Basic Information


Long, green grass with a head that turns golden when the grain is ready to be harvested.

Growth Rate & Stages

Wheat takes four months from planting to harvest.

Ecology and Habitats

The most common wheat variety prefers warm and dry environments, but hardier strains can be grown nearly anywhere that isn't frozen.   Advances in Power technology have resulted in individual farmers and collectives being able to put far more land under harvest than previously, leading to the development of large tracts of farmland around cities in formerly natural space. This has led to unintended consequences; the price of bread has oscillated wildly as massive amounts of wheat are produced, driving prices down, causing many farmers to stop growing wheat, causing prices to skyrocket, etc.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The water consumption of major wheat agriculture has caused some strain, as the water needs of growers is typically in direct opposition to the water needs of the local city the farmers are selling their crop to, especially in relation to the water required to generate Power. Water rationing is policy in drought years, enforced by the Principality.
Scientific Name
Triticum aestivum
Conservation Status
Wheat is under widespread cultivation in Etoilean agriculture; it is the principal cash crop.
Average Height
30 inches

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