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The Traveling Chaise

"Hah!" Kyris dropped a jagged chunk of armrest onto the cafe table. "And look what I got this morning!"   Alistair frowned. "Splinters, I would assume." The edges of the torn-off section looked pretty sharp.   "They teach you that sense of humor at the mage's academy?" The ranger sat down heavily and stretched. "As soon as I heard the Chaise reappeared I went sprinting for it, and got there barely in time. Had to convince Lily to let me have a piece before they carted it off to the burn pits."   Alistair picked up the wooden piece gingerly. "I still don't get this fascination with this thing. It's just a chair. And some pointless pranking by someone who has too much time on their hands, but this weird cat-and-mouse that everyone is playing seems, I don't know. Pointless?"   Kyris sighed. "It's an entertaining distraction, as pointless as any other. You're no fun. Surely you have even a slight bit of interest in whoever it is installing these loungers?"   "Not even a little." Alistair took a drink of his coffee. "If a chaise is all it takes to fire up the imagination of the Capital, then heavens forbid something genuinely interesting happens here."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Traveling Chaise itself is simply an ordinary wooden chaise lounger made for the outdoors, without upholstery. All Chaises seen so far are of nearly identical design, but efforts to identify exactly which manufactory built the parts have been fruitless.    No confirmed eyewitness accounts of the Traveling Chaise being installed anywhere have been verified, but speculation points to a small team of workers with a power-wagon, potentially dressed in the uniform of the Capital Guard, drilling and bolting the Chaise to each of its locations. More well known is its repeated destruction; after enough passersby have satiated their curiosity and sat on the Chaise, it is unceremoniously destroyed, typically ripped from the ground by a Powered tow apparatus or simply smashed to pieces with hammers and carted away by the Capital Guard.


The Traveling Chaise began to appear in the streets of the Etoile Capital City in 722, first appearing at the intersection of Palace and Piers streets and blocking traffic, bolted into the cobblestones. Upon its removal and destruction, another identical Chaise appeared overnight in the middle of the Great Promenade, attached with heavy chain to the statue of the First Princeps.    The Chaise has since been spotted all over the Capital City, reappearing within a few days after every removal, often in locations that impede traffic or are otherwise inappropriate places for pedestrians to relax. The guardsmen of the Capital have posted a significant Florin bounty as to the identity of whoever keeps building and installing these Chaise loungers.


The Chaise is a well-known prank among the denizens of the Capital, though the person (or people) installing them remain a mystery. Reports of a new Chaise appearance bring excitement to young Capital nobility, who rush to be spotted lounging on the Chaise itself before its removal and destruction by the authorities.
Item type
Creation Date
Chaise loungers of this type are common, but the one that's placed in the middle of roads and byways is unique.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The Chaise is a wooden construction, machine-lathed and hand assembled, but is typically bolted to the ground with heavy cast iron bolts.

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