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The Assembly at Kraj Zeifluss

In happier times, the small settlement of Kraj Zeifluss was a popular seaside summering destination for wealthy nobility of the Saibh kingdoms. The War had resulted in its abandonment, however, and looters had turned the finely wrought buildings into little more than shells. The current occupant did little to improve the view; two divisions of Nasse's heavy infantry were dug in, and the power-wagons lining the road to the main gate entrance were positioned ominously to warn off any would-be attackers. The third story balcony of the former ballroom hall was the choice observation post to survey the landscape; the man standing there turned and stepped inside.
"Are they all here yet?" The King of Nasse looked at the ballroom floor below; a number of tables had been placed in a large circle and various nobility were milling about.
"Just about." The First Minister handed him a list. "Thirty-four of thirty-seven. The three recalcitrants are known and we've dispatched groups C and D to deal with them."
"Very good. We can begin." The instigator of the War stepped briskly down the staircase.
As soon as the King of Nasse appeared at the foot of the stair, the conversations between the assembled nobles went to a halt. He gave a magnanimous smile and spread his right arm. "Gentlemen, ladies, the war is over! You need have little to fear from me, as long as we all play our part." He stepped to an unoccupied table and sat. "Please, let's begin."
The nobles glanced at each other before awkwardly picking tables at random. A woman in white ermine spoke out. "Your grace, it is our pleasure to arrive at your summons, but the purpose of this summons remains unknown to us."
"Ah. It is simple. We are here to sign a pact of governance!" The King gave a broad smile; those of his counterparts around the circle were more than a bit forced. "Though each of you hails from a land that my war has overtaken, the wartime levies and conqueror's aspect are done. It is time that a new state appears, one that can serve the peoples of Saibh as well as their former petty kingdoms."
A heavyset man spoke up. "With respect, your grace, why are we necessary for that? Ours was a surrender unconditional; you hardly need our consent to enact your will as you please."
"Yet I desire it." The King of Nasse steepled his fingers. "I have no desire to be lord over a land of seething angers and resentments, a state that would shatter upon my passing. Instead, of all of you assembled here, I wish to understand what it would take to turn your obedience into loyalty." He laid his palms on the table. "All of you here gave me your surrender, or replaced those that refused the call. Each of you represents a part of Saibh. It is my intent that you continue to do so, as long as you serve myself and your peoples faithfully and in good cheer. Porters! Food and ale for this council. We will be here for some time."



The Assembly at Kraj Zeifluss in 630 was the first gathering of all the powerful nobility of Saibh in one place, under the auspices of conquest. The King of Nasse (known in the present as the First Princeps, though he would not be crowned for another few months) had ordered all of the rump ruling parties of each conquered territory to assemble at a former resort town on the Bui Sea, on the eastern shores of West Saibh. Over the course of three days, the general outlines of what would later become the Principality of Etoile emerged, with a few binding initial points:  
  • The ruler of this unified country would retain absolute control and power, with other governmental bodies merely advisors
  • With some minor reorganization, each of the former kingdoms of Saibh would become a new District within the country, with the currently present representative becoming leader of that District answering only to the Princeps
  • Compensation in gold and silver would be paid to the families of the war dead, as well as monies to rebuild war-damaged infrastructure
  • Remnant military organizations of the defeated kingdoms would be integrated into the Nasse military if desired, and would otherwise be disbanded with full pay
  • At some point in the future, the unified country would transition to a new paper currency (what we now know as the Principality Trade Florin)
  • The present representatives would gain a three year monopoly on the construction and deployment of Power within their districts, with the financial windfall that entails
  • A new, country-wide tax would be implemented, but deferred until the post-war reconstruction has been deemed sufficient
  Notably missing from the agreement was any discussion of the District leadership being hereditary; indeed, the title of District Commander became a political appointment after the founding of Etoile. This was deemed acceptable by most of the nobility present there, who would later be referred to as the Foremost; those families who were first to integrate into the new Etoilean order under the First Princeps. The incredible wealth that came from their monopoly on Power was an obvious bribe, but continues to sustain their descendants; most decamped to the Etoile Capital City upon its construction to better manage their businesses.   Although active fighting in The War of Unification stopped not long after this assembly, many point to the Assembly as the start of the peace and prosperity of the Etoilean state.

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