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Founding Speech of the First Princeps

Nasse! Behold our victory!   I come to you, my people, to announce that the task of unification is complete. The blessing of Power technology has enabled us to do what no king or kingdom before us has ever been able to do. The continent is united, our people will be united, and going forward, a new state will light the path of Progress for all the peoples of the world, to seek greater and greater heights. This new state is the Principality of Etoile, and I am its First Princeps.   For all of the peoples we have conquered, their lives will change. The petty kings they paid obesiance to are gone, washed away in the tides of progress. The theocracies, those superstitions backed by screaming fanatics, crushed under the weight of our armored assault prows. The merchant princes, who thought to buy their way to power while the indigent of their domains starved and died, crushed under the heels of our Nassean infantry. Those who used their positions to enrich their lives at the expense of others will find themselves, for once in their lives, sitting at the same table at those same others, as we are all equal in the eyes of Progress.    But for us, we of Nasse? Nothing will change. I have decided on a ruling structure; our Kingdom of Nasse will become simply a District, and a new Capital City will soon be built, and each and every one of you is invited to and will take priority in relocation to our new nation's founding city. The comforts you've grown used to, here in Nasse - water delivery to the home, powered fans to cool your brow in the heat, trams to cross the city without wrinkling your dress - these will all be present, but in greater and more refined form in the new Capital.   I tell you this now because the memories of being a subject of Nasse will disappear, in the same way none will remember they were a subject of Qedem, or a pirate of the Stagonids, or a subject of Irolom. None of it will matter, for in the future that I am creating for all of us, there is only Etoile, and we can only ever be Etoileans. These distinctions and divisions that separated us have been annihilated by Unification, and we will all be better for it.   But I will never forget those men and women that served under me, that fought in my Ground Forces, that bravely piloted assault prows to crash into enemy formations, that sailed into uncharted waters to lay siege to enemy cities, my brave subjects of Nasse. And it is my wish that, while you will teach your children that they are Etoilean, that you remember that, in the year six hundred and thirty, you were of Nasse, and were a part of victory, of Nasse's victory, of Nasse's unification of the world, of our conquest of the continent.    A final glory to Nasse, a remembrance of those that died in service to our victory. And a new cheer, for the new Etoile, for the nation that we will forge together, out of many parts, into one whole.


Upon the close of The War of Unification and the crowning of the First Princeps at Unifier's Perch, the new Princeps of Etoile returned to The Palace of the Kings of Nasse to give a speech to his victorious nation, which was transcribed and republished in the leading journals of the time.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
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