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Charge: Snap

Travers shook his head. "You really, really do not want to do this."   "Shut it." One of the men in front of him motioned with his dagger. "Empty your pockets."   Travers pulled out a small roll of Florin notes and some folded papers. He held it out. "If you want the money I was going to use to buy lunch today..."   "You must have more than that. You're a wizard. You lot have plenty of valuables on you." The man motioned with his arm. "Search him, boys."   Travers held his hands up. "No need for that. You want my robes, just take them." He pulled his cloak and robe off and held them out. "If you think there's anything valuable in that, by all means."   The robber reached out slowly and grabbed the robe. Travers smiled, and with his hand outstretched, he suddenly snapped his fingers. An incredibly loud boom radiated from his fingertips, causing the walls in the alleyway he was in to buckle. The eyes and ears of the robber directly in front of him burst into blood as he fell to the ground, lifeless. His companions fared no better, with two of them on their knees clutching at their faces and the others motionless, blown to the other side of the alley. The farthest one seemed no worse for wear, but was stumbling around, clearly disoriented. Travers picked his robes off the ground and donned them.   "You would think people would know better by now."


The Snap spell simply discharges raw magical energy in a shockwave through whatever medium the wizard's hand is in. This manifests itself typically through sound, when cast in open air. With varying levels of magical power, this spell can be used to draw attention, make noise, agitate liquid, damage construction, temporarily disorient people, permanently deafen and blind them, or kill them. Snap is one of the simplest spells in the wizard's arsenal.

Side/Secondary Effects

Though the caster is typically protected from the effects of their own Snap, there are several recorded instances of wizards accidentally maiming or killing themselves by putting more power into the Snap than they could handle.


Most people who hear Snaps without being deafened liken it to a thunderclap. Stronger snaps result in gruesome injuries, mangled corpses, and destroyed buildings.


Snap may be one of the first spells ever learned in the study of magecraft, as it's certainly the simplest spell any wizard can learn.
Material Components
Gestures & Ritual
Snapping of the fingers
Related School
Effect Casting Time
Snap's effect lessens greatly with distance; a killing snap at melee range is typically harmless at 60+ feet.
Applied Restriction
As it is a straightforwardly dangerous spell that tends to cause lots of property damage, casters of Snap can expect an inquest into their usage of it within city limits.

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