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Century Fruit

"You will be pleased to note that the Century Fruit orchard in the rear of your estate has been untouched during your absence, Lady L'Asair." The groundskeeper unlocked a small gate with an iron key, and stepped past a tall hedge, Lodia on her heels. Eight neat rows of short trees were spread out in this section of the grounds, each tree a seemingly random mess of massive, head-sized leaves.   "Forgive me for my unfamiliarity. Why are they named Century Fruit?" Lodia lifted a leaf. Thick and fuzzy, unlike anything back on Korr.   "An easy question to answer, Lady L'Asair. These trees only bear fruit once in their lifetimes before they waste away, and it takes nearly one hundred and five years for the tree to reach maturity."   "Ah." Lodia was nonplussed. "So, why were my ancestors growing these trees, then? Are the fruit valuable?"   "Incredibly so. Prior to the founding of Etoile, a single Century Fruit was worth its weight on gold. Now, they are worth upwards of a thousand Florin each. They are known for a flavor unlike any other fruit known to Etoile, and new orchards must be raised from whole fruit as well."   "I'll have to try them at some point. Do you know how close these trees are to ripening?"   "I believe these were planted in the time of your grandsire, Lady L'Asair. Approximately forty more years to go."

Basic Information


Century Fruit trees are small, man-sized trees with enormous leaves arranged in a haphazard format. The fruit they bear are massive and oblong, one fruit being the size of roughly a small watermelon. One tree can yield anywhere between four and ten fruit.

Genetics and Reproduction

Century Fruit trees bear their fruit exactly once before dying. The fruit will germinate when left alone on or in the ground, growing to full height within two years of initial sprout.

Ecology and Habitats

Century Fruit trees require wet and temperate environments, and react poorly to long periods of excessive heat or drought.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Century Fruit are a rare and valuable commodity, and an ingredient used to make meals for only the wealthiest patrons and royalty.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All Century Fruit are currently grown in controlled groves, with most wild Fruit being taken and replanted in private orchards.
Conservation Status
Average Height

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