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Aerial Gondolas

Eila jammed her face up against the glass window. "Wo-ow! You can see the entire city from up here!"   "Not the entire city, just the center area." Lily looked out the window herself. From this height, the Capital looked like nothing so much as a roiling ant colony, with power wagons and people milling about and moving through the streets. "Still a great view, though I wouldn't take this every day to travel."   "Not when it's 22F a ride." Eila frowned. "They must be making a killing operating these things."   "Well, one of these cars crashed a while back, so they're probably paying a lot for insurance now."   "Crashed? What do you mean, crashed?" The other girl looked up at the ceiling, suddenly suspicious.

Power Generation

The Aerial Gondola Tram system is linked to central Power in the Etoile Capital City, linked through the four main tramway towers located on both sides of the Grand Canal. Large bullwheels in each tower keep the tram cables moving.   Each tower is linked to each other, creating a rough crosshatched square of six main tram routes. Passengers disembark and board quickly at the top of each tram tower after climbing a five story flight of stairs.


The Gondola bullwheels keep the tram cables and gondola cars moving at a constant speed. A tram car can traverse across the Grand Canal in roughly two minutes.

Armor and defense

Though not a 'defense' in the strictest sense, the gondola cars have been attached to the cables with a reinforced binding in order to prevent a repeat of an accident in 722, when several gondola cars detached from their cables and went crashing into the Grand Canal.
Owning Organization
The Gondola Tram System in the Etoile Capital City cost ~200,000F to initially construct.
~5ft wide
Each gondola is ~5ft long.
~9ft tall.
~300lb unloaded
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to four passengers

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