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Magic Academys

There are multiple prestigious magic academies across the kingdom. As long as you can pass the entrance test you are permitted to go to each school regardless of your concentration. Each academy has a Headmaster and staff for the multiple areas of study. Three of the Headmasters/Headmistresses are from the The White Lotus  

1st Magic Academy

The prestigious 1st Academy is perceived to be held to the highest standard by the public. Many high achievers apply to this school due to bragging rights. The school resides within the Capital Premmont, and is famous for their multicolor glass buildings and architecture. A good majority of the student think highly of themselves and there's a fierce competition of getting the highest marks for the year.
  • Akalis Cux - Headmaster

    2nd Magic Academy

    This enormous magic school is located in the countryside near Essglow, and the sea. The campus was built and designed with ancient Roman architecture. There is an intense rivalry between 1st and 2nd Academy, being the two oldest institutions. There is no real difference between the schools, they both excel in every subject and produce amazing arcana users. 2nd Academy allows the students to conduct more free study and field exercises than the other academies.
  • Edel Aprix - Headmistress

    5th Magic Academy

    This moderately-sized magic school is located near some hills to the south or Irepool. The majority of the buildings are made of bricks with chimneys attached to them, making them look like old fashion architecture. The entire campus has a very cozy, home feeling which is why everything moves at a slower pace compared to the other academies. The students and faculty here tend to study 'Quality of Life' magic or translating ancient tomes, which takes a long time to study.
    The Autumn Festival is one of the main events of the year for this city.
  • Anex Dove - Headmaster

    Academy of Sorcery

    The Academy of Sorcery was previously known as the 3rd Magic Academy but has since changed its name when an influx of the accepted students over the years only focus on Sorcery. The campus is filled with Gothic architecture and tall towers. The atmosphere is welcoming and the school has a good sense of community with healthy competition. There is a beautiful massive garden in the center of campus, while there are smaller gardens scattered around the grounds. The school is perfectly places in Fayglen, which is surrounded by grasslands.
    The Spring Festival is one of the main events within the city
  • Maxine Phoenix - Headmistress

    Academy of Magic Technicians

    This tiny magic school is located in a town by the sea and does not have a designated look to it. Being the newest out of the royal academies there aren't too many buildings or students. But with the abundance of rare materials from the Arden Forest, the school has been able to produce a good amount of revolutionary inventions. The school itself is on the outskirts of Kadridge and has a beautiful view of the Sea of Kerlinet. Once you walk onto campus, you can hear the noises of grinding and tinkering going on within the buildings. Also, the smell of oil, gases, and other chemicals is in the air. To compensate for this the school has built some sort of a prototype "air purifier".
    Reccommend wearing some sort of hearing protection once you arrive on campus
  • Raddik StoneClaw - Head Engineer (HeadMaster)

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