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Antediluvians: This is the only relatively strict definition. Antediluvians are members of the third generation, either childer of Caine's childer or their diablerists. Unlike other distinctions, this ranking is not dependent on age: Augustus Giovanni was an Antediluvian as soon as he finished diablerizing Ashur, even though he was not yet a century old. Antediluvians don't have to spend millennia mastering their powers to be a force to be reckoned with (though the fact that both Ashur and Saulot managed to recover from their diablerie in a way shows that it certainly helps, especially when dealing with other Antes). Antediluvians are almost literally forces of nature with powers that seem godlike even to the most powerful of Methuselahs. For example, in game mechanics, level 10 Vicissitude (level 10 of any discipline is reserved for Antediluvians) is essentially the ability to reform one's body no matter how destroyed it may have been, even if it was tossed into the center of the sun.
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