Voran Church

Once the most powerful political and religious entity in the Centerlands, the Voran Church is now a pale and fading shadow of its former terrible glory. At its peak around 2000 AFR, the Church’s iron grip of dominance and terror spread from the western Singing Coast to the eastern Great Forest, from the northern frontierland of Kromm to the southern disputed lands of the Aedyrith in Elven Daenor, a vast empire held together by the military might and brilliance of the gray dragon-riding Knights of Nethereth and massive professional and armies. Now it holds a weakening grasp on the peoples and lands remaining in the vastly diminished Kingdom of Voranor, its status as empire lost after the Great Rebellions and the devastating Iomedae's War that followed. The Church and the Kingdom are far less synonymous than they were during the centuries of empire, as factions within the fabled Knights of Nethereth try to subvert or even destroy the specter of the Church either by establishing an entirely new governmental system, ending the long line of Lioric Naether I and starting anew, or by installing a new, more progressive Naether. However, Priestking Lioric IX, the current ruler of Voranor and spiritual leader of the Church, refuses to release his hold on the land and peoples even as they struggle and starve, ruling through the brutality of his Seven Septarchs and the remaining Knights and soldiers loyal to the still formidable Voran army. The Church’s main goal is thus one of self-preservation through any means necessary, aligning with increasingly nefarious powers while at the same time still claiming the universal legitimacy of their “One God,” which much of the world now knows to be none other than Asmodeus himself. As the painful history of the Church is wiped out across the northern Centerlands, it contracts in equal measure, pulling in on itself and recovering in fevered dreams of its former glory, planning its revival and its revenge.  


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