The capital of the Vale of Spires, Trastrim is the most diverse and advanced settlement of the Vales, and also considered one of the most ancient and wondrous cities in the world.


Trastrim is the seat of government for the Vale of Spires and, by extension, most of the eastern Vales. Castle Anander is occupied by Neviel Brightbeak, the current Orator and titular head of government. The Council meets at the Castle, but much of the business is conducted below in the Talon's Justice, where the Tobains come from the different areas of Vale to report to the Council and decide on matters of state.


Perched high among the Spires in the center of the Vale, the City of Spires is also a feat of engineering and architecture, with ancient buildings spiraling up the dozens of Spires and gracefully arcing Castle Anander built into the center. Said to have been built by the best combined minds of Elf and Man, the striking skyline is complexified by several delicate bridges—some hundreds of feet high—spanning between the Spires, and elegant circular landing platforms for the famed Griffon Riders that defy gravity. Trastrim has a large though crumbling wall that encircles the Old City, connecting seven Spires into one continuous ring. Outside the stone Old City, the city has spread from Spire to Spire, encompassing several different "litte vales", each with its own culture and flavor.


22% Human, 20% Half-Elf, 17% Hill Dwarf, 16% Halfling (10% Hearth/6% Wanderlust), 12% Aven, 4% Wood Elf, 3% Tauren, 2% Gear Gnome, 1% Natyr, 3% varies

Alternative Name(s)
City of Spires
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