A bustling city of high-risk financial dealings and intrigue, Trademeet lies at the center of Corevale and is considered the beating heart of the Vales. Home to the Valian Bank, the greatest financial institution in the Centerlands, more gold, jewels, artifacts and priceless information flow through Trademeet than perhaps anywhere else in the world.


Seat of the Six Oligarchs of Trademeet and the Valian Bank. See Corevale


The city is situated at a crossroads of the Steelway running north to south and the Lift Road, west to east. Although at the center of the Vale, the area is elevated and built around several massive, blunted Sentinels that emit from the Valewall and mountains to the west around the Pit. The Valian Bank, an epic building of a thousand columns, statues and fountains, adorns the central hill like a golden, bejeweled chalice, with the rest of the city spreading below in organized circles. There is no wall, though the Goldflow River and the Sentinels form a natural boundary to the west, east, and south.


68% Human, 11% Half-Elven, 9% Hearth Halfling, 4% Hill Dwarf, 2% Aven, 2% Gear Gnome, 2% Goblin, 2% varies

Large city
Inhabitant Demonym


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