"Your grandfather Galifel saw it falling, and though it only took several minutes to strike once it was visible, he said that those terrified moments on that bright day in Late Falling were etched in everyone's minds and indeed in their very bodies for the rest of their lives--those who lived past the ensuing darkness that engulfed the world. He told me it was as a drop of fire from the heavens, so bright it was difficult to observe, rolling almost slowly across the sky and trailing smoke in a curved line like a dragon's tail; and that it was beautiful in all its terror. Those gathering on the delicate marble terraces of Elendrien watched in silent awe and mounting fear, knowing finally that the presages of the High Astronomer, thought to be mad, were undeniably coming to pass. Although he was high in the graceful mountain towers Elendrien, almost a thousand miles away, Galifel told me he felt the impact several seconds after it disappeared over the distant Duskheart Mountains on the eastern horizon towards what was then known as the Endless Plains. With the tremor that threw them to the floor came the flash, a blinding explosion of light that made the entire landscape seem as if it had been night just before and lightning had struck."

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