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Trade Barge

These vessels are flat bottomed cargo barges meant to transport bulky goods along rivers and canals. They are usually propelled by a combination of oars, poles and square sails. Along many canals they may also be pulled by mules or Oxen using a towpath. The barges usually have a flat, open cargo deck with a deckhouse at the rear of the vessel. These vessels are common sights in the lands both north and south of the Spine with large versions of these barges being found on the River Karm, the Khalis River and the lakes around Goutara. Many of these barges are family owned, but merchant houses will often operate numerous barges, often optimizing them to carry a particular type of cargo like lumber, grain, coal and masonry. These vessels are typically brightly painted giving each family's vessel a distinctive appearance.   It is not uncommon that trade barges get repurposed as houseboats or business establishments. In some of the more expensive and crowded cities they semi-permanently moored. This boats often have the entire open front deck roofed over to add living space or in southern climes the deck area is simply covered over with a canvas tent. In the case of businesses itinerant tradespeople simply set up the family business onboard and move it from town to town as needed, or perhaps leave it moored in the same place. In other cases they have been converted into taverns and brothels. Currently a travelling circus uses a fleet of a half dozen barges to move it act up and down the river Khalis in the Empire of Lao.


Wind, Oars or towed by draft animals.

Weapons & Armament

Typically, none although on occasion they have been modified for military uses with ballista or catapults being mounted on the decks.

Armor and defense

Wooden shields have been mounted on barges to protect the crew and passengers.

Communication Tools & Systems



Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Variable depending on the length and width.


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