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Sword of Alya

This is both a powerful magical weapon and an object of religious veneration. It appears to be a bastard sword of the highest quality with a blade so bright that it hurts to look directly at it in bright sunlight.  The blade is both perfectly balanced and razor sharp.  It is said to be able to cleave through even the best plate armor like it is not more than cloth. It is said to be prone to decapitating it's targets and doing grievous damage to other worldly creatures. Within the Alyite Sisterhood there is a polite argument over the weapon's exact origin.  Some Alyites hold that it was Alya's personal weapon before your ascended to godhood.  Others hold that Alya created the weapon and gave it to her followers to use in a time of great crisis.  Yet a third school holds that all that matters is that it is from the goddess so the specifics are unimportant.


The actual origins of the sword are murky, but it had been in the possession of the Alyite Sisterhood for many centuries before it was placed in the Great Temple of Alya in Alyathon shortly after the the Alyites took control of the Empire of Lao.  On least two occasion various enemies of the Sisterhood have tried to steal the Sword.  In both cases all those involved in the theft ended up dead and the Sword was returned to its place in the temple.


It is the most venerated religious artifact of the Alyite Sisterhood. It is replicated on both the religious necklaces Alyites wear and on their shields. It is also found on the covers of Alyite religious books and arms manuals.  Alyites see the sword as being a physical representation of their goddess and venerate it with same enthusiasm as statues of their goddess.
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Weapon, Melee
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