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Grovin Ash

Grovin Gorris Ash

Grovin is the sort of man who tried to keep a low profile, which is not surprising since his business involves blasphemy, desecrating graves and the periodic murder of witnesses. Grovin is a professional grave robber, one that is very good at what he does. As a young man he worked as an undertaker, but soon learned that certain people would pay well for a fresh corpse. Eventually Grovin was caught digging up someone he had buried the day before and was sentenced to penal servitude. After five years as a guest of the state. He was not a reformed man, indeed he quickly rounded up several of his criminal associates and began a full-time grave robbing and corpse stealing operation. This group began to refer to themselves as the Bone Pickers, and saw Grovin as their leader. After nearly a decade of working his nefarious trade, he developed an association with a powerful necromancer who needed a very reliable supply of fresh bodies including ones that were not exactly dead yet.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Grovin is wiry and tough with heavily calloused hands.

Body Features

He has leathery skin with strongly msucled arms and legs.

Apparel & Accessories

Grovin typically wears dark, unobtrusive clothing.  He likes big black travelling cloaks along with sturdy leather gloves and boots.

Specialized Equipment

Grovin has a highly specialized caravan with concealed compartments for both tools and corpses.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grovin followed his father into the undertaking business, but after his father's death was quick to arrive at the that digging up a corpse could be more lucrative than burying it.  Grovin has to bad luck to eventually get caught.  His time as prisoner hardened him and helped him develop a wide network of criminal associates.  He was smart enough to realize that he should not return to old habits in places where his habits were already well-known to the authorities.  When he organized his own gang of grave robbers, the Bone Pickers, he was careful to keep them moving around and to carefully reconnoiter their targets.  He also developed a small, but reliable clientele of people who wanted bodies and merchants who could discretely fence grave goods.

Morality & Philosophy

There are not very many things Grovin won't do if it is profitable, but he is not about to take any risks for something that does not offer him any personal gain.  He does however believe in revenge.  He will always look for an opportunity to strike back at someone who he believed has wronged him or has gotten in the way of his enterprise.

Personality Characteristics


He's in it for the money, but also enjoys the challenge of how he can steal a particularly well-preserved corpse or prized gravegood without getting caught.  He has a certain perverse, professional pride.

Likes & Dislikes

Grovin has a particular dislike for people who are outspokenly pious, particularly the sort of people who frequently visits the graves of their relatives at inconvenient times.  In fact, on more than one occasion he has prematurely sent such people on to the afterlife.

Virtues & Personality perks

Grovin is both very efficient and very good at keeping his mouth shut.

Vices & Personality flaws

Grovin likes to enjoy what he believes is the high life between jobs.  He spends his earnings on drink, gambling and prostitutes.  He usually does this in thhe lower sort of establishments so as not to come to the attention of the local authorities.


Grovin his carefully to cleans up himself and his clothing after a job.  He does not want to leave clues for anyone who might investigate his activities.

Wealth & Financial state

Grovin usually has a decent store of gold and silver around.  He always maintains a fund sufficient to bribe a local official.  However, he does tend to dispose of his disposable income.
Neutral Evil
Year of Birth
942 45 Years old
Pale Blue
Long and gray
5', 9"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages


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