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Alina Kinnarria Avronos

Sister of the Order of Salya Alina Kinnarria Avronos

Alina is the daughter of a prominent merchant family, but has long ago broken from her parents' life plan of her becoming a successful merchant and marrying into another influential merchant family. In her teens, Alina began to travel throughout the lands surrounding the Windy Sea and trading along the Great North Road which brought her as far south as the great trading city of Goutara. Rather than fueling her interest in trade, these travels fed her growing wanderlust. During one of her trips to Goutara she was approached by a high ranking member of the Cult of Salya. Her contact initially recruited her to carry messages and small items for the Cult. After completing several journeys on the Cult's behalf her contact approached her with a new offer. She was invited to join the cult with the promises of training in magic, the stealthy arts and possibility of immortality. Alina accepted the offer fully knowing that assassination, kidnapping and other nefarious undertakings were central to the cult's activities. Over the next few years Alina was both able to indulge her desire to travel and build a reputation with the cult as an effective agent. At the age of 28, the Cult fulfilled it's promise of immortality by ritually transforming her into a living vampire. Since then, Alina has travelled extensively through the lands both north and south of the Spine leaving a trail of mayhem in her wake.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alina is in excellent physical condition and appears to be younger than her biological age.  After becoming a living vampire she effective stopped aging at age 28.

Body Features

Alina is of medium height and build.  Any boserver will notice she is very physically fit.

Special abilities

Alina is skilled with a variety of weapons including the rapier, dagger, throwing knife and short bow.  She is adept at moving stealthily, picking locks and administering poison.  Although primarily an assassin, Alina has learned some magic to enhance her effectiveness.

Apparel & Accessories

Alina tends to dress for the environment when maintaining her merchant persona, but if she expects to have to fight she will don close fitting dark clothing and black dyed leather armor with dark metal studs.

Specialized Equipment

Unless the situation does not allow it, Alina is always armed.  She will carry several daggers and throwing knives. If expecting a fight she will also carry a magically enhanced rapier.  She also has a shortbow.  Alina wears a poison needle ring and a second ring with a compartment for holding a single dose or an orally delivered poison. When on a mission she usually carried a coil of silk rope, climbing claws, lock picks and smoke bombs.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Bisexual. Alina  is more than willing to use her sexuality as a tool to get her closer to targets, gain information and find prey for her vampirism.


Alina came from a relatively wealthy merchant family that provided her with a high quality education through tutors.  She is especially knowledgeable of mathematics and geography. By age 14 she was effectively apprenticed to one of her older brothers who trained her in the trade of wool and silk.


Alina still works as a cloth merchant on behalf of her family business, but does this as a cover for her identity as a Sister of the Salyite Order. Her true trade is assassin.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Alina has completed at least a dozen paid assassinations on behalf of the cult leaving a trail of bodies of those who got in the way of her missions or people wo were foolish enough to see her has a well-to-do merchant who could be a target for crime.

Mental Trauma

On one occasion, after being blood starved for an extended time, Alina fell into a rage and accidentally sucked dry a young man she was very fond of.  She still feels somewhat guilty about this and has responded to it by avoiding any romantic attachments since.

Intellectual Characteristics

Alina tends to be cold and pragmatic, always thinking of the most effective way to achieve her goals.

Morality & Philosophy

Alina is committed to the Salyite Sect and can be expected to be ruthlessly determined to achieve its goals.


Alina would never take out a contract on a member of her own extended family.

Personality Characteristics


Alina has twin goals of engaging in adventurous travel and rising in the Cult of Salya.  She seeks to maintain a relationship with her family and protect its interests as much as her duties to the cult allow her.

Virtues & Personality perks

Alina is extremely patient, capable of waiting a long time to for the right opportunity to carry out a mission.

Vices & Personality flaws

Alina preys upon the weak and defenseless, especially if she needs their blood.


Very good.  Unless in disguise, Alina attempts to be presentable and even glamorous.


Contacts & Relations

Alina is widely known within the Salyite Order thanks to her wide-ranging travels and her reputation of effectiveness.

Religious Views

Alina is a loyal member of the Salyite Order.  She prays to the goddess on a daily basis, attends ceremonies whenever possible and respects the hierarchy of the sect.

Social Aptitude

Alina is most comfortable among the travelling merchant class she grew up in.  She consorts comfortably with all sorts of travellers and is a pleasant companion for an evening of drinking and storytelling.


Alina is highly skilled at languages with fluency in both Northron and Mountaineer, her family's household languages. She speaks both of these languages like the member of the educated merchant class that she belongs to.She is proficient in Southron and High Corgerian, although her style in both of these languages is overly formal and it is clear she is not an native speaker.

Wealth & Financial state

Through both her legal and covert activities, Alina has amassed a modest fortune.  She has home in Jagobe, several excellent riding horses, a fine collection of jewelry and clothing with reserves of gold and silver kept at several different locations.  She also has excellent credit in any of the cities along the Great North Road and in her native Jagobe.
Lawful Evil
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
Current Residence
Black, Curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5', 6"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Northron, Southron, High Coregerian, Mountaineer


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