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Contagion: Natural Order - Dearborn, MO

Infrastructure breaks down. Microstorms of snow whip skin from the bone in summer, but this is not the worst of what occurs in Dearborn.

The first sign: a swarm of mice found devouring a bird dog.
The second sign: two hunters, brutally slaughtered by the bucks they had been hunting-- their corpses dragged through leaves and slammed against trees.
The third: maelstroms of prey-birds choking a hawk out of the air, sending the desperate creature crushing against the concrete below.

In Dearborn, Missouri, the predators have become prey. That which once ate flesh now only eats plant matter; the Contagion spreads through observation, through eating a creature that has been impacted, or by being targeted by one of the warped prey-creatures.



Impacted splats:   Werewolf the Forsaken,

Vampire the Requiem,
Changeling the Lost.

Werewolves are in dire straits. They still cleave to their oaths of the moon, but they find that those creatures they hunt have begun to turn against them with teeth and claw. Predator Kings, Pure as they are, find that regular weaponry strikes as if it is made of silver. Spirits which once fled from Bone Shadows now become luring faerie-lights, dancing and flashing only to lure the Urdaga towards that which would kill it.

Vampires are starving. They must feed on animals, now; the blood of humans burns them, hurts as if they had drunk liquid sunlight. This discovery killed the local Prince of the Invictus, leaving a power vacuum which numerous undead now struggle to fill while the entire species attempts to survive in times where food becomes leaner, leaner, and more terrible to find. A few desperate individuals have already turned on their own, having discovered that now even animal's blood hurts to swallow.

For Changelings, the Hedge is everywhere. It lurks. It hunts. A Changeling walks through a door, and on the other side is the Hedge, and they cannot go back. Yet, they are prey-things: their abilities are heightened, their reactions quicker, their Pacts hitting harder. Their Huntsmen scramble, aware that death is coming for them should they remain in the city for long, but driven to stay by their Fae masters.


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Jan 4, 2024 18:20

This is such a neat, dark, twisty plot. I like subversion of the monsters and how they've suddenly found themselves as the prey - especially to something that seems to spread so easily. Throwing characters into this sort of chaos would be a lot of fun - morbid fun, mind - but that's just the sort of dark twisty thing I'd enjoy reading or writing about. Super creative and neat.

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?
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