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The Bar

Seth stared out the window. Rain quietly pattered on the window, tracing patterns down the glass. The storm could barely be heard from inside the bar, though it ravaged the street outside. He turned to the bartender, who had been looking at him since the moment he sat down.   "You drinking or just admiring the rain?", the bartender asked   Seth didn't reply, looking around at the battered artwork on the walls. He couldn't tell what it was, not that he cared much anyway. The bar wasn't pleasant, a dingy, backstreet establishment that catered mostly to criminals.   'Hey, you hear me?'   "Beer" Seth muttered. He looked discreetly over his shoulder, noticing the thugs gathered around a table in the corner that appeared to be several rounds in. One of them was twirling a pistol around, attempting to impress his colleagues and failing miserably. He knew the look that came over their faces, it was commonly seen on those desperate to start a fight.   The bartender sighed and set the bottle down in front of him. Seth hunched over the counter, quietly drinking. Part of him hoped the thugs wouldn't notice him, part of him really hoped they would.   'Hey, you - why'd your eyes glow like that, mate?'   Seth continued drinking, not turning around.   "Hey!", the man previously swirling his pistol stood up from the table he was sitting at, firmly grasped the weapon. "I asked you a question - do I need to loosen your tongue first?"   Seth turned around sharply, staring down the thugs. The red glow where his pupils ought to be brightened. There were seven of them, armed but thoroughly inebriated. He remained quiet, taking another swig from the bottle.   He saw the shock of one of the men's faces, and watched as it rapidly turned into anger. "Hey, I know you! You killed my brother! Josh, that's the man that killed Markus!"   Josh, the pistol-twirler, turned towards Seth. "Seems to me that my friend here has a debt to settle" He raised his pistol as he calmly walked towards him. "And if there's one thing I hate, it's a man who doesn't pay his debts..."   Seth dodged before the bullet had left the chamber. Gunshots. One. Two. His bottle shattered, shards of glass exploded into the air. Before a reaction was even possible, Seth leaped towards Josh and smacked the gun out of his hand. Expertly catching the weapon and wielding it himself. He pressed the gun against Josh's head. The glass from the beer bottle fell to the floor.   "You smashed my bottle" Seth calmly stated.   Josh raised his hands, "Hey man...listen...we were just-"   Silence. The casing dropped to the ground, deafeningly clinking as it rolled under a chair.   The six remaining thugs arose from their table, all pulling out various types of pistol. Seth dived over the counter, glancing briefly at the bartender who had been hiding there since Josh started speaking.   Seth cautiously peered over the counter and pre-calculated his attack. He fired once, twice. He didn't need to see if he'd hit his targets, he heard the two bodies collapse to the ground. Besides, he never missed. He sat patiently, waiting for the remaining two to reload. The targeting was in place, his movements planned.   He rose over the counter. Two bullets, straight through the hearts of each thug with fatal precision. He deftly rolled behind the sofa, a crimson red leather that should've been thrown out many years ago. Gunfire. If he was correct, they should reload around...   Now. He didn't need to look over the sofa. He raised his gun over the sofa, one, two. He heard both bodies fall to the ground.   Seth stood up, brushing the dirt from his jacket and nonchalantly tossing the pistol on the floor. The bartender finally stood up from behind the counter, gazing at the carnage that had taken place in his bar.   'You're one of them cyborgs, aren't you?' the Bartender was clearly terrified.   Seth didn't reply, though the answer was obvious. He pushed open the door, not bothering to pay for his beer - most of it was on the floor anyway.   The rain had stopped, leaving marks on the window that complemented the splatter of blood now decorating the glass. Seth sighed and wandered off into the dark alleyways.


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