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The Never Light

In Etoria the Empress has a group that are blood sworn to protect the nation from all domestic enemies.   These enemies can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a dark deed that needs covering up, a figure that is a threat to the wellbeing of Etoria or just being a threat in the dark.   Made up of individuals that have no loyalty to anyone or anything but the organization itself.   Even the empress is wary of her choices as if they are seen as damaging towards Etoria the Never Light will remove her.   The group is not heavy in numbers but everyone of them is cold and calculated. Morales only get in the way.   Achilles Sunbright leads the Never Light. Has done for nearly a decade. There has never been a more absolute decision maker of the group.   Under Achilles there are two that lead, one during the day and the other during the night. These positions are known as Moonblade and Sunblade.   The current Moonblade is Shelios and the current Sunblade is Alexi. They are siblings and after the orphanage they were found by Achilles and given jobs which they excelled at and soon rose through the ranks.   Many secrets have been swept away by the Never Light, most recently the necromantic curse at Clayyi.   They went in and eradicated the undead and the survivors. Nothing was left. Any one trying to access the fishing town during the cleansing were either eliminated if they saw anything or told to move on.   No one ever sees the face of the Never Light, they are a secret that everyone knows exists and one that no one wants to meet.   Etoria is happy to go with its life ignoring their existence. Out of sight out of mind.


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