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The Mulder, or Mole people as many know them as, are an underground race that has little to do with life above the surface. Due to their subterranean nature, they have a natural sensitivity to sunlight and rarely have a chance to see it. One will very rarely see a Mulder walking the streets of a major city, but some have been known to trade with surface dwellers and if they are seen it is often at night. They have excellent senses of smell and can see perfectly in the dark. Mulder are not naturally aggressive and will most likely attempt to flee rather than fight, but if one is cornered, they can be fierce combatants, with their massive burrowing claws that can cut through stone as easily as it does dirt. They can speak oral languages that learn, but they communicate with their own kind through their ability to manipulate vibrations within the earth. This method of vibration manipulation can help them “see” where the safe and unsafe place to burrow ahead are as well as to communicate with other Mulder who may be burrowing several yards away that are not within their visual area. Mulder society is small, with them living in small subterranean villages and subsisting off insects and roots that reach deep underground. They are very social within their own communities, but they are much more cautious when speaking to outsiders. They do know that surface dwellers do value certain metals that are rare on the surface, but common underneath. When they find a valuable deposit, they sometimes bring pieces to be sold to surface dwellers. They care little for the petty grievances that surface dwellers have with each other. Though they live beneath Yuanto, they neither support the Yuanto government, nor have any hatred towards Paltroy as they relentlessly attempt to invade.


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Aug 1, 2023 22:57 by Molly Marjorie

Ooh! Mole people that communicate via vibrations in the Earth? How creative! And very fitting for the given species. I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the 1.5th time, so naturally, I thought of Toph.

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Aug 9, 2023 18:54 by Michael Johnson

A species that burrows and can still communicate intelligently with one another while in different tunnels sound pretty cool. And to have them realize, at least on some level, that they can have some amount of control over the surface dwellers…well, that's cool too. The question that I'm left with is if they normally communicate via underground vibrations, how are they still able to communicate verbally?

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Aug 9, 2023 20:48

It's an excellent question. They didn't develop naturally. I'm still working on the article, but they were uplifted by a young god named Ossus. Ossus has uplifted several races over the past several millenia and these uplifted races have verbal abilities, their non-uplifted brethren don't have.

Aug 12, 2023 23:08 by Michael Johnson

Oooh... I like that!

February brings the Cabinet of Curiosities 2024! January had my New Year's Resolutions 2024.