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Island Nation of Malana

Malana. Once and independent island chain nation, now they are the preeminent training center for the Imperial Marines. Imperial Marines are trained to fight unorthodox battles. Eschewing the typical line formations of a normal army, these troops are trained to fight on ships as well as on land. The Malanians have always had problems with pirates, but instead of paying them off or giving in to their demands, they fought back by training the first Malaninan Marines as a counter to the ruthlessness of the pirates. No quarter was ever offered to a pirate when they faced off against a Marine and in time the pirates learned to steer well clear of Malanian waters. When the Kellerian Empire was first founded, Malana , their government in shambles after the war with the Murk, joined the Empire enthusiastically. The Marines served as body and honor guards for important dignitaries as long as the Empire has existed. They are a very flexible group and train to fight in every known environment. There are rapid deployment teams always on standby to move out within hours of getting the call to arms. Though Malana has always been the traditional home base of the Imperial Marines, there are other bases spread across the Empire, ready to field troops whenever they are called to serve.


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