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Askarian radio announcement of opening diplomatic relations

My fellow Askarians, I, King Barthalomew Maxwell, do bring you glad tidings and exciting news. Our longstanding policy of isolationism is about to come to an end. Do not worry. Despite was more conservative Parliament members may tell you, this is not an “Open Border” policy. The borders will remain as guarded as ever for the protection of you all. What this means is that we will be opening formal diplomatic relations with nations from across the world. The old Battery District in the capital Askar is being renovated and will be turned into the Foreign District. It is here that the embassies will be housed, and new avenues of commerce will begin. They may seem primitive, but I assure you that formal diplomatic relations will only make us stronger. Some of you may be wondering what is to become of the foreigners that already live on Askarian soil in Sojourn. These displaced foreigners have been isolated in that little city to north for quite some time and we’ve generously taken care of them. It is well known that Askarain citizens have been divided on how to handle them. I am happy to announce that with the foreign embassies, a diplomatic solution has been reached. For those who wish to return to the mainland, the appropriate embassies will repatriate them. The question of what to do with those who wish to stay is still a question being discussed in Parliament. A path to citizenship for those who wish to remain is being discussed, but nothing has been decided yet. Perhaps with the arrival of the foreign diplomats a humane and more permanent solution can be reached. Finally, I would like to address the fact that when the foreign dignitaries arrive, they will bring along their very diverse staff. They will all be fully vetted, I assure you. Though they will reside in the foreign district, they will not be confined there as they will be given the full privileges of any diplomatic entity. There will be people, ethnicities, and cultures, never seen in the streets of Askar. Do not be concerned and treat them with the respect that the citizens of Askaria are known for. All citizens will be receiving information concerning these new ethnicities that may be seen when the first diplomats arrive and any cultural practices that may seem odd. More information will be made available as the time draws nearer. Thought for the day: An educated people are an enlightened people, and an enlightened people is a happy people.
Decree, Governmental


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